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Delight Your Customers with Same-Day Delivery: Easy Steps to Elevate Their Experience


    Seamless E-Commerce Integrations

    Effortlessly streamline your operations as our solution provides a smooth and rapid integration with leading e-commerce platforms and leading ERP systems, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient experience for your business.

    STEP 1

    (Estimated time: 1 week)

    Tech teams work together to define integration requirements: Data points, order fulfillment workflow.

    STEP 2

    (Estimated time: 1 day)

    Provide Gently with authorization token for your e-commerce platform API.

    STEP 3

    (Estimated time: 1-2 weeks)

    Gently develops and tests order fulfillment workflow as per defined integration requirements.


    Data-Driven Inventory Placement

    Harnessing the power of predictive analysis, we meticulously optimize the fulfillment process by strategically placing your inventory in close proximity to your customers.

    This dramatically reduces last mile costs and we are delighted to share these savings with our merchant partners. By cutting the last mile we also reduce our CO2 footprint and ensure a reliable same-day service.

    Data-Driven Inventory Placement

    Game Changing Customer Experience

    Our dedicated W-2 drivers, equipped with electric vehicles, personally deliver packages right to your customer's doorstep. Committed to excellence, our drivers prioritize exceptional customer service, ensuring satisfaction at every step of the delivery process.

    Customers promptly receive text and email confirmations upon purchase, with real-time package tracking via our app for effortless monitoring. In the rare event of issues, our drivers maintain constant communication, promptly providing updates and resolutions for smooth delivery.

    Game Changing Customer Experience

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