Elevating Retailers and Brands Customer Experiences Through Sustainable Same-Day Delivery



Experience the Gently Revolution with Same-Day Shipping and Sustainable Solutions

Gently is revolutionizing eCommerce by introducing same-day shipping as the standard, reshaping how retailers and brands operate. Their integration of sustainable practices not only meets modern consumer demands but also propels the industry towards a greener future.

This commitment to sustainability enhances efficiency and reliability, ensuring products reach customers promptly, eliminating long wait times and uncertainty. By embracing Gently's approach, businesses join a movement towards a more sustainable, customer-centric eCommerce landscape, where excellence replaces compromise, marking a significant shift in online retail practices.

The Founders Behind Gently’s Sucess


Left: Elian Pres Gurwits, Right: Anas Aljumaily

Serial entrepreneurs who met at Harvard Business School, Anas Aljumaily and Elian Pres-Gurwits, co-founded Gently to transform America's supply chain.

As business owners, both Anas and Elian experienced the extreme pain points associated with an antiquated ecosystem designed to disenfranchise small businesses and enable e-commerce giants to reign free.

Gently was built with the goal of disrupting this power structure, and leveling the playing field for all brands and retailers.


of customers prefer Gently to other carriers


of orders ship on time


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Merchant Retention Rate


Gently's Sustainable Solutions for Optimized Delivery

Shorter Routes


Inventory Placed Closer to Consumers


Cutting the Last Mile

Shorter Routes

Inventory Placed Closer to Consumers

Cutting the Last Mile

Optimized Routing

Our drivers take the most efficient route possible to ensure your deliveries arrive safely, on time, and with the least impact on the environment.

100% EV Fleet

At Gently, our trained, W-2 drivers efficiently deliver dozens of packages each day within your neighborhood. In doing so, we minimize urban congestion and reduce carbon emissions.

Zero Waste Packaging

At Gently, we are committed to sustainability all the way down to our zero-waste, compostable packaging that is made out of corn.

Inventory Pre-Placement, Shorter Routes

With our strategic inventory pre-placement, we are able to create shorter routes, resulting in faster delivery and a smaller carbon footprint.

Join the companies who’ve partnered with Gently to sustainably power their order fulfillment

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